Recon - VC Trap

Traps are an old but effective way of slowing down hostile forces, and the VC guerrillas are masters of such tactics. If the commander gains heat, traps begin to appear and are one of the first signs of the the enemy's awareness of LRRP activity. Their numbers quickly explode as the heat goes up. Traps are extremely dangerous for the Rangers due to their high lethality and difficulty to spot in time. If traps have begun to appear, it is important to move slowly and scan the environment before moving forward in order to avoid them. Once spotted, a trap is effectively neutralized and will not cause any harm even if walked over. Traps can also be photographed for Intel.

VC Trap Type

There are 4 trap types, each of them have different effect when trigger.

  • Punji Stick Trap
  • Land Mine
  • Pressure Mine
  • Flare Mine