Pilot rescue missions employs your team as a search party. Your mission is to find the crash site and make contact with

Pilot rescue is all about speed of execution

the pilot that should be in the area. It is without saying that shortly after a plane crash in the AO the area will be crawling with enemies and that your team must be very expedient with its maneuvering towards the objective. It is important to note that the pilot is armed with a pistol and will defend himself if the enemy comes too close. The team should monitor the sounds of the jungle and be aware that when the enemy finds the pilot and shots are fired there is little time to spare before the enemy overwhelms the stranded pilot.

As of version 1.4c, it is not required to extract with the pilot alive. Should the pilot die, his corpse can still be retrieved and the mission will count as a success.


  • Be quick, a low heat AO will facilitate that.
  • Like most missions a healthy usage of Bird Dog will guide the team to the crash site.
  • Once you have made contact with the pilot and he is following you, do not linger and make certain to extract immediately.
  • Gun ship also helps to observe the ground, since it has large detection range, calling it as you inserted will help to spot the pilot.