There are 15 mission types In Recon ranging from the typical patrol to the more sophisticated infiltration task. All missions have their individual particularities that require different tactics. Approaching a mission the right way helps mitigate the risks which we all know is a good practice in order to keep your men alive. Missions in Recon are all derived from real life LRRP accounts and operational reports.

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  • Hunter/killer: The most basic mission and a popular one, go in the jungle and kill your quota of communists.
  • Recce: The core task of the Recon enterprise, insert and map the terrain.
  • Scout: Scouting is the action of inserting in order to find a terrain feature required by the commanders.
  • Surveillance: This mission involve the observation of the enemy without being detected.
  • Pilot Rescue: Find the pilot, usually close to the crash site and rescue him before the enemy does.
  • Dead Drop: A very challenging mission where you have to recover documents left behind the enemy lines by informants.
  • POW rescue: Find a temporary holding site and free the prisoners.
  • Defend: Occupy a location and defend against enemies until relieved.
  • Attack: Find an objective and assault it.
  • Radio Relay: Another team is operating outside of radio range. Your team is to insert and setup a repeating station and relay the radio traffic.
  • Wire Tap: An enemy comms wire has been observed, your team is to go and place a listening device on it without being detected.
  • Battle Damage Assessment: In BDA missions your team has to infiltrate and observe the impact locations of some ordinance.
  • Breach: Find the gap in a heavily fortified enemy line in order for the main body to exploit in a future attack
  • Screen: During a large scale fight, your team is to position on of the main body's flank. Your task is to monitor for enemy reinforcements and communicate it to your hq.
  • Deep Recon: Insert far into the enemy territory away from all support and communication. Your extraction will be pre planned.

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