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• 10/5/2017

What should the subcategories for each game be?

i.e. for MnB2: Overview, Game Mechanics, Units, etc.
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• 10/5/2017
It is important that we try to keep subcategories to a minimum, with each one covering a distinct aspect of a game. By doing this we can make it quick and easy to navigate the knowledgebase and prevent information overlap (when the same information appears on multiple different parts of the wiki).
• 10/6/2017
overview most definitely, units, weapons, assets and their effects.
Battlefield theory can be pruned but exchange of fire and the recon firefight composition is core fundamentals of all mnb mechanics so it should stay.

All URB games have minimal instructions so a quick how to play for all of them would be nice to.
• 10/7/2017
pitching in >>>>
Overview and Controls. Game goals.
The battlefield ; composition and mechanics.
Then friendly units in detail. Our Weapons and Equipment / Upgrades.
Enemy units and equipment/weapons.
Special stuff.
Urbzz said "All URB games have minimal instructions" but for Recon that is not such a good thing according to a lot of new players.
Steep learning curve. An in-game instruction manual would be greatly appreciated according to popular suggestions.
• 10/10/2017
In OFV I'm thinking about:
-Friendly units (including subcategory for support and structres)
-Enemy units (and list for buildings)
-Gameplay / gamemechanics / deployment (missions)
There's not too much to work around here. Strategies are better discussed on forum, than here.
• 10/11/2017
I agree Kacpo, strategies for all games probably belong on forums more than the wiki. Maybe for the wiki we could have a link to the proper strategy forum depending on each game?

At any rate, here is my suggestion for the MnB2 categories:

- Main Page (Overview, game interface and deployment options, quick start guide)
- Units (Officer orders can be found on Officer page, support options on Signaller's page, structures on Engineer's page)
- Weapons
- Medals and Ribbons
- Deeper Reading (Game mechanics like unfair events, blitz waves, etc. and combat theory such as line of sight, envelopment, etc.)

Any objections? Speak now or forever hold your peace
• 10/11/2017
Agree with MnB2.
Already gave my opinion on OFV.
Never played LW, so can't say anything here.

As for Recon, I believe that the categories should be:
-Memos / killcards
-Equipement/Weapons (explanation of radio and medic items)
-Assets(both terrain and enemy structures)
-Enemies (Including stationary and vechicles)
-Gameplay Mechanics (spotting, moving, stealth, combat, extractions)
-Menu options (squad management, intel, red folder, heat, merit)

My opinion on MnB3:
-Strategic overview (goal, ahead/behind schedule/ ranks)
-Gameplay mechanics (LoS, range and accuracy, XP and morale)
-Classes (weapons, skills and allied units: Tank, Jeep, Frenchie)
-Assets (what provides cover, what blocks LoS, special features)

And finally, STWALT:
-Mechanics (time passage, D20, encounters, stats, quests)
-Random events (inquisition, harvest, moon)
-Monsters / Encounters
-Gear (unlock criteria, effects)
-Placables on map (not only places like town, but also trees and hills and their effect on player.)
-Classes (progression, restrictions in gear, few tips)
I don't think that quests deserve their special category.
Monsters may be a sub-category of encounters, OR they can be two separate categories. (Encounters: merchant, wall, storm, rolling boulder.)
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